Sunday, May 12, 2013

Wish I could reveal more, but...

As some of you have been following my blog, I was warned by Jack (AI4SV) that I should not reveal TOO much about my oscillator before I submit my design for publication in QST and QEX.  As a result, I will likely only show photos - no schematics of the work that has been done and no PICAXE programs.  Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.  

I know there are some on the PICAXE Forum that are clamoring for how I can program a DDS using a PICAXE as there is nothing published.   I can assure you that I have successfully programmed both the DDS-60 oscillator and the AD9834-based FCC-2 kit using my interface(albeit with significant noise margin issues).  This whole effort started because of the sad reality that the FCC-2 PIC-chip program design died with the passing of the FCC-1/FCC-2 designer.  

While I am at Dayton, I am planning to speak with Hendricks Kits about resuscitating the FCC-2 kit as a standalone DDS oscillator, much as the DDS-60 is used.

In any event - I promise that this publication WILL happen - either through QST/QEX, through another QRP group, or this blog.   Preferably ALL of them.

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