Thursday, May 9, 2013

2nd DDS Oscillator Interface Prototype

The second prototype chassis was a more RF-friendly design where the PICAXE is on its own board with very short traces for the CS (Chip Select),  SPI Clock, and SPI Data between the 28x2 and the socket used to hold the DDS-60.
Figure 3-1:  Rev0 PCB with DDS-60 installed.

Figure 3-2:  Front Panel of 2nd Chassis Oscillator

Figure 3-3:  Top View of DDS Oscillator/Interface
The updated version of the interface has four buttons instead of two.  The Blue and Black buttons are the cursor movement buttons like the previous version, but the Green and Red buttons perform band shifts from 80m>40m>...>10m (Green) and 10m>12m>...>80m (Red).

I laid out the circuit and PCB using Express PCB and had it etched by Far Circuits.  The price was right, but there were some alignment issues between top and bottom side that need to be corrected on the next go around.   I will show the board to them when I visit them at Dayton this year.

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