Thursday, May 9, 2013

PCB - Power Amplifier

Figure 4-1:  First Prototype - IRF510 Power Amplifier
As figure 4-1 above shows, the previous design had the FET laid down with the PCB mounted to the heat sink. It was good for a quick prototype, but is not necessarily the most efficient approach.
Figure 4-2:  Updated Power Amplifier Layout
I looked into a different layout where the FET itself was on the heatsink, while the board it mounted on standoffs at right angles as shown in figure 4-2.  At the same time that I sent in the updated DDS interface, I also sent in this Power Amplifier as well. 
Once I get the amplifier design finished, I will be publishing the schematic for the power amplifier - hopefully in QST or QEX - along with the PICAXE interface design.  At very least, VWS will get the design for one of their tech journals when it comes out.  Figures 4-3 through 4-6 show the broadband sweep of the amplifier.



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