Sunday, August 11, 2013

Updated DDS-60 controller coming. Working on a EIM377 DDS controller.

Just got a nice email from Far Circuits...they are sending me samples of an updated PCB design for interfacing the AMQRP DDS-60 with a PICAXE 28x2 in an RF-friendly PCB.  I had to open up some holes and fix some ground clearances.  They had to fix some off-center etching issues from the previous design.  If these work out, I will definitely send them an order for a full etch of boards in the hope to make a few of them. 

My next big project on the DDS front is an RF-friendly interface for the EIM377 DDS controller.  For the un-informed, the EIM377 is one of the AD9850-based DDS oscillators that have been selling for prices as cheap as $5 to $10.  I bought four of them to play with.  As my previous entry indicates, I was able to interface the EIM377 with the PICAXE 28x2.  I did add a encoder interface to demo at the VWS club meeting, but it was taken apart again for a new mechanical layout.

I will forward new photos as the units are coming in for construction.

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